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O maluco tem um primo no caradelivro. Modernidade que o maluco não alcança. Parece que um português que acordou em Portugal partilhou com outros portugueses o seu pensamento. E dessa forma moderna que o maluco não alcança, disse: No fucking way.
O maluco pensou manualmente: Foda-se, não!

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Tenho de deixar de beber cerveja pela garrafa.

Distraído, peguei na garrafa de vinho e ia levá-la à boca. Não é que tenha problemas com isso, mas parece mal.

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Foooooda-se, o maluco em tempos já foi um gajo útil

Newsgroups: rec.arts.books
From: rodr…@mail.telepac.pt (Luis Rodrigues)
Date: 1995/12/24
Subject: Re: Books contra TV ?
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>: I’d like to know if there are any other (perhaps more recent) books which
>: deeeply criticize TV as a medium. Perhaps I’ve just been unlucky in my
>: searches, but I’ve come up empty. You would certainly think that an area
>: such as this would provoke more instances of serious writing …

There is one by Karl Popper and John Condry from 95, “La television:
un danger pour la democatie”. They basicly say that TV is bad but with
a little bit of “regulation” can turn out to be a good thing.

There is also the number 27 of “Maniere de Voir” published by Le Monde
Diplomatique which is dedicated to the media: “Media et controle des
esprit”. This is more generic, but TV plays a major role in the mass
manipulation. “If you repeat a lie everyday, it become true”.

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